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Axis Deer

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Axis Deer


Axis deer, also known as the chital deer, is regarded as one of the most beautiful breeds of deer, sporting an orange coat dotted with white spots, not unlike a whitetail fawn, and white patches on their throats. Axis males grow massive antlers, usually with three points per side, and can weigh up to 250 pounds. Adult females are usually a bit smaller. Similar to the elk, these spotted deer are also extremely vocal, letting out distinctive sharp, alarm calls to communicate. Males are even known to bugle during the mating season. They typically have a slightly taller height and longer body length than a whitetail of the same age. Originally from southern India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, the axis deer was introduced to Molokai, Hawaii in the 1860s, Maui years after that, and Texas in 1932, intended as a game animal.


In Texas, axis deer are one of the more common exotic ungulates, free-ranging in various areas of central Texas, while also being commonly found on game ranches around the state. Axis are well-suited for the Texas environs and tend to do well in most areas, but can be somewhat fragile to freezing, moist conditions.

Hunt Packages


Wildlife Systems’ addax hunts are generally set up as a 2-3 day package. We charge a daily fee which includes meals, lodging, and guide. In addition to the daily fee, our hunters pay a kill fee which is a set amount and is not dictated by the size but is simply a flat kill fee. We also have begun offering an all-inclusive 2-day axis deer package, so please inquire about options. For more details on our exotic game fees, click on this link.


Location of Hunt


Our axis deer hunts take place on multiple properties. One of our properties is a free-range, low-fenced property comprising 6,400 acres near Sonora, Texas. This place supports a large herd of axis deer and offers an excellent hunt for large, mature bucks. We also offer a limited number of meat hunts, here, for does. Housing is modest, but comfortable. We have another 3,000 acre high-fenced property located approximately 30 miles SE of San Angelo, sporting over 300 axis deer. Facilities are a bit nicer on this property compared to the Sonora ranch.


Meat and Trophy Care


The meat from these animals is excellent eating. So, in addition to a great trophy, you’ll also end of with great table-fare. As part of the package, Wildlife Systems will quarter the meat. We have a walk-in cooler, as well as limited freezer space. On the trophies, our guide will fully cape the head and freeze the cape. You can either take the antlers and cape back with you, or we can overnight ship the frozen cape, and you’ll be invoiced for the shipping charges along with a nominal service charge for our time on boxing and shipping. We do not ship meat.


Hunting License


For those hunters who are traveling in from out of state, Wildlife Systems can take care of processing your non-resident license. The cost is $48 and is “over the counter”. You’ll simply need to fill out the Hunter Profile that we will send to you and we’ll take care of the rest.


Gear and Guns


This is a warm part of the world, but it’s best to check the local weather forecast a few days prior to your departure and to pack accordingly. In addition to your regular hunting gear, you might want to bring some sun screen and bug spray. Regarding size of gun, we recommend a minimum of a 130-grain bullet on these animals. Please stay away from high expandable bullets such as Nosler Ballistic Tips, Berger bullets, and hollow points. We recommend a bullet that will expand but hold it’s mass, such as a partition, A-frame, or bonded bullet.




For those hunters who are hunting the Sonora or San Angelo property, you can either fly into San Antonio and rent a vehicle and make the 3-hour drive or you may choose to fly into San Angelo, which is about 1.2 hours from the Sonora property and 45 minutes from the Angelo property. Conditional airport shuttle MAY be provided from San Angelo for an additional fee. For those hunters who are driving, we will provide directions to the ranch.



Axis Deer Hunting

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2019 Pfluger Ranch Axis

Axis Deer Hunting

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2019 Pfluger Ranch Axis

Axis Deer Hunting