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Dottie Peiffer

2019 Blackbuck Antelope


Blackbuck Antelope


Blackbuck antelope are native to the Indian Subcontinent and have flourished in Texas since being introduced in the state in the early 1930s. They typically live in herds of 5 to 25 animals and are known for their jumping ability and speed which can approach 50 miles per hour in open terrain. These antelope are one of the most beautiful and elegant of all antelope species, and with their diurnal tendencies that are combined with their preference for open country, they tend to be visible on the properties in which they are found. Males typically weigh no more than 100-110 pounds on the hoof, while females are even smaller. Mature dominate males will typically become darker, especially during the cooler months and larger males may have horns that measure 18”-22” straight line.


Hunt Packages


Wildlife Systems’ addax hunts are generally set up as a 2-3 day package. We charge a daily fee which includes meals, lodging, and guide. In addition to the daily fee, our hunters pay a kill fee which is a set amount and is not dictated by the size but is simply

a flat kill fee. We also have begun offering an all-inclusive 2-day axis deer package, so please inquire about options. For more details on our exotic game fees, click on this link.


Location of Hunt


Our blackbuck antelope hunts principally take place on a 3,000 acre high-fenced property that’s located about 30 miles southeast of San Angelo, although we do take a few blackbucks on another property between Rocksprings and Junction.


Meat and Trophy Care


The meat from these animals is excellent eating. So, in addition to a great trophy, you’ll also end of with great table-fare. As part of the package, Wildlife Systems will quarter the meat. We have a walk-in cooler, as well as limited freezer space. On the trophies, our guide will fully cape the head and freeze the cape. You can either take the horns and cape back with you, or we can overnight ship the frozen cape, and you’ll be invoiced for the shipping charges along with a nominal service charge for our time on boxing and shipping. We do not ship meat.


Hunting License


For those hunters who are traveling in from out of state, Wildlife Systems can take care of processing your non-resident license. The cost is $48 and is “over the counter”. You’ll simply need to fill out the Hunter Profile that we will send to you and we’ll take care of the rest.


Gear and Guns


This is a warm part of the world, but it’s best to check the local weather forecast a few days prior to your departure and to pack accordingly. In addition to your regular hunting gear, you might want to bring some sunscreen and bug spray. Regarding size of gun, we recommend a minimum of a 100-grain bullet on these animals. Please stay away from high expandable bullets such as Nosler Ballistic Tips, Berger bullets, and hollow points. We recommend a bullet that will expand but hold its mass, such as a partition, A-frame, or bonded bullet.



Please check with us to determine the closest airport relative to the property that you may be hunting. Airport shuttle MAY be provided on a conditional basis for an additional fee. Hunters who are driving will be provided directions to the property.



Trey Lipsitz

2019 Blackbuck Antelope

Dennie Peiffer

2019 Blackbuck Antelope