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Texas Exotic Hunts

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Exotic Hunts

Exotic Hunting


Texas has long been known for its hunting opportunities of exotic game species. The terrain and climate here in the Lone Star State provides suitable habitat for various species of ungulates from Asia, Europe, Africa, and India. In many cases, the populations of these introduced exotics in Texas out-number their native origin. Wildlife Systems, formed in 1987, has a proven track record of consistently producing quality hunts for a variety of native and exotic game animals. Click here for a complete list of exotics and price list.


What Species Exotics are Available?


Wildlife Systems conducts hunts for exotic game species on several properties in Texas. Some of these Texas exotics include blackbuck antelope, axis deer, fallow deer, sika deer, mouflon sheep, Corsican sheep, free-range aoudad sheep, free-range elk, free-range addax, lechwe, scimitar-horned oryx, Beisa oryx, white-bearded gnu, impala, kudu, nyala, springbok, zebra, and eland. Our nilgai hunts take place on almost 20,000 acres of high-fenced country with over 600 nilgai, as well as another 28,000 acres of low-fenced country that has in excess of over 500 nilgai.


Click below on each specific species for more information:


Scimitar Horned Oryx




Beisa Oryx



How Are Prices Structured?


With the exception of our free-range aoudad and nilgai hunting (see other link pages on our website), most of our exotic hunting trips are set up on a basis where hunters pay a daily fee and a trophy fee for whatever you harvest or wound. Daily Fees are typically $295 - $350 per day, which includes meals, lodging, guide and game care. Trophy fees are variable, depending upon which species you take, and sometimes depending upon which property we are hunting. Check with us for details and prices for various species on our Texas exotic hunts. All wounded animals will be treated as a kill and trophy fees will be assessed in full on these wounded animals.


Seasons and License


Exotics can be hunted year-around, but some species are best to be hunted at certain times of the year, so please inquire for details. As a rule, the best time to plan hunts for antlered deer species is from September through January, but axis deer best hunting is from late May through September. All horned exotic hunting which include sheep and antelope species can be hunted year around. Hunting license are available over the counter with a cost for a 5-day exotic hunting license of $48 for nonresidents, unless you are less than 17 years of age which cost only $7. Wildlife Systems can process licenses for our nonresident clients and have those available in camp, as long as clients sends in Hunter Profile form at least 10 days prior to the hunt.


Gear and Guns


Depending upon the time of the year in which these hunts take place, the weather conditions can vary from cold to hot. Please check the weather forecasts for the area that you will be hunting a few days prior to the hunt and pack accordingly. It’s best to have camo or drab tops, for stalking purposes. Sunscreen, bug spray, small day pack, and any other regular gear that you would normally bring on such a hunt should be packed.


Depending upon the exotic species that you are hunting, this will dictate what caliber is most suitable for the hunt. As a rule, on larger species such as nilgai, eland, and kudu, we generally have a minimum caliber requirement of a .300 Win Mag. For medium sized animals such as axis deer, fallow deer, and various sheep species, we generally recommend a minimum of a 130 - 150 grain bullet. Regardless of caliber and bullet size, we greatly discourage the use of highly expandable bullets, such as Nosler Ballistic Tips, Berger bullets, and hollow points. Please use a well-constructed bullet that will hold most of it’s mass, but still get good bullet expansion, such as an A-frame, partition, or bonded bullet. We recommend that clients have guns sighted in dead-on at 100 yards.


Free Range Axis Deer


Cost is $3,400 for 2 1/2 days which includes meals, lodging, guide, game care, and one axis buck.  Hunt takes place near Sonora, Texas.


For pricing, click on this link.

Glen Poweleek

Zebra, 2023

Exotic Hunts

David Kelly

 White-Bearded Gnu, 2023

Hunting Elk
Axis Deer hunting
Oryx hunting

Asher Heldfond

Red Lechwe  - 2023

Fisher Quackenbox

S.H. Oryx - 2022

Jett Turner

Gemsbok - 2023

Addax Exotics
Exotic Hunting in Texas
Exotic Hunting

Anthony Pedicini

Blackbuck - 2023

Alivia Finley - Waterbuck

February, 2021

Asher Heldfond

Impala - 2023


Nathan Haney

Eland - 2023

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Addax - 2023