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Texas Exotic Hunts

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Exotic Hunting in Texas



Texas has long been known for its hunting opportunities of exotic game species. The terrain and climate here in the Lone Star State provides a suitable habitat for various species of ungulates from Asia, Europe, Africa, and India. In many cases, the populations of these introduced exotics in Texas out number their native origin. Click here for a complete list of exotics and price list.






What Species are Available on Exotic Hunts?


WSI conducts exotic hunting in Texas on several properties, and we do have access to a good variety of exotic game, especially some of the more popular species. Some of these Texas exotics include blackbuck antelope, axis deer, fallow deer, sika deer, red stag, mouflon sheep, red sheep, Corsican sheep, aoudad sheep, free range elk, and scimitar-horned oryx.


We occasionally have a limited supply of other harder to find species such as Nubian ibex, eland, kudu, lechwe, sable, and a few others. If you have something in mind, let us know and we will try to accommodate your next Texas exotic hunting safari.


How Are Your Prices on Texas Exotic Hunts?


With the exception of our free-range aoudad and nilgai hunting (see other link pages on our website), most of our exotic hunting trips are set up on a basis where hunters pay a daily fee and a trophy fee for whatever you harvest or wound. Daily Fees are typically $195 - $350 per day, which includes meals, lodging, guide and game care. We have some motel hunts where you pay $165 per day for a guide, but you take care of your motel room and meals. Exotic Trophy Fees are variable, depending upon which species you take, and sometimes depending upon which property we are hunting. Check with us for details and prices for various species on our Texas exotic hunts.


Seasons and Licenses for Texas Exotic Hunting


Texas exotic hunting can be done year around, but some species have better hunting at some times of the year than others. As a rule, the best time to plan hunts for antlered deer species is from September through January, but axis deer best hunting is from late May through September. All horned exotic hunting which include sheep and antelope species can be hunted year around. Cost of license for a 5-day Texas exotic hunting is $48 for nonresidents, unless you are less than 17 years of age which cost only $7. Texas Exotic Hunting Licenses are unlimited.

Free-Ranging West Texas Elk
Milton Greeson - 2016

2016 Axis Deer

Bruce Foley

H. Yturria Ranch White-Bearded Gnu

Sheri Turner

Axis Deer hunting
Oryx hunting
Hunting Elk

H. Yturria Scimitar Horned Oryx

Luke Kruse - 2016

 H. Yturria Addax 2016

Shannon Driver

2016  H. Yturria Gemsbok

Hunt Huber

 H. Yturria Nyala 2015

Steven Hardee