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Hunting Articles by Greg Simons


The Pleasures & Treasures of Owning Rural Lands in Texas



A View from the Field:
Understanding the Effectiveness of Aerial Wildlife Surveys

The Wild Side of Business:
Tips & Tools to Photograph Your Game Harvest

How to Create Artificial Cover for Bats, Birds & Bass on Your Land

North America’s Most Unique
Big-Game Animal: The Pronghorn

The Wild Side of Business:
So You Want to Play the Wildlife Game?



Winter Wheat:
Texas’ Best All-Around Wildlife Food Plot



Ghost Riders in the Sky:
Texas Dove Hunting Guide



Spotted Fever:
A Guide to the Axis Deer Hunt



Water for Wildlife


Springtime Thunder:
The Call of Texas’ Spring Turkey Hunting Season


Hunting Articles by Greg Simons


Creating Kid-Friendly Hunting Properties and Experiences



A Guide to Texas Exotics



Hunting in Texas:
More than Just a Whitetail State



Ranch Prep for Bowhunters



Habitat Management Practices for Wildlife Valuation



Understanding the Law of Eminent Domain in Texas



How to Run a Commercial Hunting Operation



Deer Management 201: The Numbers



1-D-1 Valuation – Tax Breaks for Wildlife Habitat



Creating Kid Friendly Hunting



How to Run a Commercial Hunting Operation



Other Hunting Articles & Blogs


Hunting Nilgai in South Texas

By Larry Weishuhn


Peaks & Valleys - My Dream Came True!

By Peg Hammer


Spring Aoudad

By Larry Weishuhn