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Texas Hunting Lodges


H. Yturria's Ranch Hunting Lodge


The H. Yturria Ranches are steeped deep in South Texas History. Francisco Yturria was the patriarch of the Yturria Family who was a successful businessman in both South Texas and Mexico. Along with other prominent business people from the mid-1800 era, such as Richard King and Mifflin Kennedy, Yturria amassed tremendous land-holding in the Rio Grande Valley Region of South Texas. Today, descendants of Francisco Yturria continue to operate 3 divisions of H. Yturria Ranches.


H. Yturria's Punta del Monte Hunting Lodge


Punta del Monte is the original headquarter portion of the Yturria Ranches, located about 8 miles north of Raymondville. This 12,000 acre wildlife hunting paradise is also operated as a cattle ranch, but much of the emphasis over the last decade has been places on its wildlife and deer hunting programs. A variety of exotics are found here, including a large population of popular nilgai antelope. Native game hunts for white-tailed deer and spring turkeys are also available here. A unique camp area features 6 cabins (double occupancy with private bath), along with a separate building that has kitchen, large dining room, and screened-in back porch, provide comfortable accommodations for hunters and guests. A resident cook takes care of all meals.

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Exotic and Whitetail hunting camp


H. Yturria's La Chata Hunting Lodge


La Chata Division is located 3 miles north of Raymondville and is comprised of approximately 6,000 acres. Both exotic and native game hunts are found here. The camp area features 3 private cabins (double occupancy with private bath), a bunkroom, and a separate building with kitchen and dining area. A nice fire-ring provides a great spot for evening relaxation. A resident cook takes care of all dining needs.

H. Yturria's La Joya Hunting Lodge


La Joya Division is located about 15 miles northwest of McAllen. This 6,000 acre high fenced property is operated as a working cattle ranch and a commercial hunting operation with native game and exotics. The camp area is a comfortable set-up, with small groups of hunters, or singles, staying in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabin. A separate dining facility is located across the yard where there is a kitchen and large dining/lounging area. There is also a bunkhouse for guides and overflow. A resident cook provides all meals.

Whitetail and exotic hunting camp