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Jobe Ranch Hunting Lodge


Located approximately 15 miles north of the spot on the map referred to as Kent, Texas, the sprawling Jobe Ranch encompasses over 100,000 acres, nestled against the Apache Mountains. This is big country, located in an unscathed region of the state, situated in the Chihuahuan Desert. This amazing country is harsh in some ways, but extremely productive in other ways. Though operated as a working cattle ranch, the wildlife and hunting program is also an important feature of the property.


Native game includes mule deer, aoudad sheep, javelina, a few elk, and scailed quail. There are also mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, and various non-game wildlife that are found here. Wildlife Systems, Inc. has been operating mule deer hunts on about 70,000 acres of the Jobe Ranch since 2010, and we structure these hunts as a 4 day program, including 1x1 guide, meals, lodging, and game care. Lodging is in a very comfortable, well-appointed lodge complex with multiple cabins, a large game room and media area, and a large kitchen facility with dining area. These are very nice facilities where the hunters can relax, get a good night’s rest, enjoy a fire under the big West Texas skies, and reflect on the day’s hunt while enjoying a great meal.


Hunting is all cruising, glassing, and stalking. We have taken some exceptionally big desert mule deer on the Jobe over the years. This is truly an exciting deer hunting adventure. Flights can either be scheduled into Midland or El Paso, where hunters can rent a vehicle and make the 2.5-hour drive. Hunts here are very limited, as we normally only operate 2 groups with 3 hunters in each group.

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Aoudad and mule deer hunting camp
aoudad and mule deer hunting camp
Aoudad and Mule Deer hunting camp