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bluffs. Vegetative complex is classic desert mule deer habitat with brushy plants consisting predominantly of creosote, mesquite, acacia, various cacti, and other thorny shrubs in the flats. Slopes and rough areas are comprised of pinon pine, juniper, oakbrush, madrone, mountain mahogany, and various other shrubs. Mule deer hunting in this region is unique and fulfilling.


Our 200,000 acre A. S. Gage Ranch is the quintessential example of what conservation minded rangeland and wildlife management can yield, and our mule deer hunts here have emerged as one of the top mule deer hunting destinations in the state.  Huge, 200 inch desert mule deer taken by Neal Noland in 2009. With approximately 250,000 animals, Texas mule deer hunting is an untapped mule deer hunting destination.


What is Included?


Our Texas mule deer hunting packages are set up to take the work out of the hunt so that your mule deer hunting experience is all pleasure with little hassle. Each of these hunts are set up as 4 day programs with meals, lodging, guide, as well as skinning, caping of heads, and quartering of meat. Hunts on A. S. Gage are set up as a 2x1 guided arrangement with an option for a 1x1 upgrade.  Click here to go to our pricing page.


The facility is a modern, well appointed lodge. No tents here and no roughing it. You will be plenty comfortable, fed well, treated right, and provided with a quality desert mule deer hunt. Airport shuttle is not provided on these hunts but we will get you detailed directions so you can conveniently reach your mule deer hunting destination. Closest airport is Midland.


Be sure to inquire on adding on a free range aoudad sheep to your mule deer hunt. Javelinas and predators also roam this country. Big country and big smiles. What do you say? Give us a call at 325-655-0877 to set up your next mule deer hunt.

Mule deer hunting in Texas is one of the overlooked, best kept secrets in the mule deer hunting world. Mule deer hunting represents a past-time that is still unspoiled and represents a wild part of our American hunting heritage steeped in western flavor. Our mule deer hunts take place in a region where the subspecies of mule deer are considered desert mule deer (Odocoileus hemoinus crooki) and these deer are recognized by Safari Club International as their own category of deer. Mature desert mule deer generally weigh 190-220 pounds on the hoof, sporting dichotomous forked 4x4 antlers with spreads typically ranging 22” – 27”, but wider spreads do occur.


Location of Desert Mule Deer Hunts


Our desert mule deer hunts take place on large private ranches in the Trans Pecos region of far West Texas. This is big ranch country, untamed and as pristine as it has principally been since the Comanche’s and Apaches ruled this region over two centuries ago. Situated in the Chihuahuan Desert, this is amazing mule deer hunting country with topographical features ranging from expansive flats to undulating hills to rugged canyons and sheer, breathtaking


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Mule Deer Hunting in Texas

Stumberg Ranch  Mule Deer 2014

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Gage Ranch Mule Deer

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Gage Ranch Mule Deer

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Texas Mule Deer Hunting

Stumberg Ranch Mule Deer

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