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The Rocky Creek Ranch is owned by the Cargile Family, a ranching family that has deep roots to the San Angelo region. The Cargile’s also own Producer’s Livestock Auction, located in San Angelo, and is one of the state’s largest livestock auctions. The Rocky Creek Ranch is operated as a working cattle ranch with a progressive grazing program. The ranch has also been committed to a brush management program, integration of cross-fencing for grazing management, and extensive water development. For years, the property has been enrolled under a Riparian Buffer Zone program, where the creeks on the property are fenced and deferred from grazing to help enhance stream bank integrity, minimizing siltation into the watershed, while also improving the wildlife habitat along these watershed corridors. Located 20 miles west of San Angelo, this 25,000-acre property is characterized by rolling hills, mesquite flats, large live oaks in certain areas of the hilly portions, and some large native pecan trees along one of the major drainages.


Rocky Creek runs through the ranch, hence the namesake of the property. The property has a diverse and abundant native wildlife population including free-ranging white-tailed deer, Rio Grande wild turkeys, bobwhite quail, feral hogs, as well as a variety on non-game wildlife. Wildlife Systems, Inc. has been operating the commercial deer hunts and turkey hunts on this property since 2013. Our whitetail program offers 3.5 day, all-inclusive hunts with meals, lodging, guide (2x1), and game care. Deer hunting strategies focus on a combination of stand hunting, glassing/stalking, and antler rattling. Hunters often see 15-25 bucks per day. We also offer 3-day spring turkey hunts on the Rocky Creek Ranch.


The accommodations here are very comfortable with multiple well-appointed facilities in a single compound that have several bedrooms and bathrooms, and a comfortable dining area for enjoying meals provided by one of our camp chefs. There is also an outdoor fire pit area and a well-equipped processing area where the guides process your game. Deer Hunters should schedule their flights into San Angelo.

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Rocky Creek Ranch Hunting Lodge

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