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Stumberg Ranch


The Stumberg Ranch is one of the recipients of the of the prestigious Lone Star Land Steward Awards. Comprising over 25,000 acres on the eastern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, this property’s ownership has placed a tremendous emphasis on managing the landscape in a fashion to increase the productivity of this property. An aggressive water management program has been in-place for several years that entails construction of many small spreader dams scattered across the landscape and are intended to catch rainwater runoff, helping to prevent erosions, while also creating water retention sites that create micro green spots across the ranch. Reseeding of areas where brush work has taken place, installation of many miles of waterlines that supply water troughs, construction of ponds, and supplemental feeding, are all tools that are deployed here to enhance the habitability for an assortment of wildlife.


The results of these stewardship efforts have provided a home for a variety of game including mule deer, elk, aoudad sheep, javelina, scaled quail, and Rio Grande wild turkey. There are also a variety of other non-game species found here. Wildlife Systems, Inc. has been operating hunts here for several years for mule deer and elk. Hunters can add-on aoudad sheep onto their mule deer or elk packages for an additional fee. Most hunts on the Stumberg are set up as a 4-day program which includes guide, meals, lodging, and game care.


Lodging is provided in a very comfortable house that has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, dining area, and lounging area. Amenities are well-appointed, providing all the creature comforts including television with satellite-dish coverage and Wi-Fi for internet service. If you are looking for a hunt in a remote, get-away part of Texas, this is a great location. Hunters can schedule flights into Midland and rent a vehicle to make their treck to the ranch, which is approximately 3 hours away.

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mule deer and aoudad hunting camp
mule deer and aoudad hunting camp
mule deer and aoudad hunting camp