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S Ranch


The S Ranch, comprising over 8,000 low-fenced acres, has been under the direction of WSI since 2005.  Through the efforts of strict management and very conservative grazing practices, along with proper brush control methods, this ranch offers a first-class hunt with an ever improving deer herd and some very scenic topography.  Located approximately 15 miles from San Angelo, hunters stay on the ranch in a big and spacious, well-appointed two-building lodge.  Price for this four day/five night package is $4,300 and includes meals, lodging, guide (2x1), game care, and airport shuttle from San Angelo on a conditional basis.  Each hunter can harvest one buck and two does.


Scrub Oak Ranch


This property located twenty miles northwest of San Angelo consists of approximately 13,000 acres of big rolling hills covered by beautiful live oaks, mesquite, and some cedar.  WSI has been conducting hunts since 2002 and prior to that the property had never been commercially hunted.  A high density of deer with semi-open terrain in various portions of the property, combine to provide hunters with a legitimate chance of seeing 15-25 bucks per day.  Average bucks sport 8-10 points with 17-20 inch spreads.  Hunters lodge out of the S Ranch facility and the hunt is priced at $4,300 and includes meals, lodging, guide (2x1), game care, and airport shuttle from San Angelo on a conditional basis.


Longbranch Ranch


This fantastic property has been under the direction of WSI since 1996, and through the tools of a high fence and intensive feeding program, the deer herd has responded.  Hunters see an average of 15-30 bucks per day with some great deer being taken, with 18-20 inch bucks being the norm.  Rolling terrain with a variety of oaks and many small lakes makes this a very scenic property.  Comfortable housing with three bedrooms and three baths is generally shared by 5 hunters.  It is located 20 miles north of the popular tourist town of Fredericksburg.  Price is $4,500 and includes meals, lodging, guide (2x1), game care, and airport shuttle from San Antonio on a conditional basis.


Yturria (La Joya) Ranch


WSI and H. Yturria Ranches combined forces in 2008 allowing our clients an opportunity to whitetail hunt in the “Valley” of Texas.  This famed ranch has been in the same family since the mid 1800’s and offers an old, pristine feel loaded with heritage.  The 5,500 high-fenced acres at the La Joya division is home to some large, native south Texas bucks and several different big game exotics.  Hunters stay in an African style camp in one of several 2-4 bed chalettes with private baths and a Spanish flare.  Trophy hunts are priced at $5,950 and Classic hunts are priced at $2,950.  This includes meals, lodging, guide (1x1), game care, and airport shuttle from McAllen for an additional $75 per trip.  Classic hunts are primarily for mature 8 & 9 pointers, scoring up to 130” gross B&C


Las Islas


These trophy deer hunts guided on a 1x1 basis and are set up as a 3.5-day, 4-night program where our clients will stay in a fabulous lodge, enjoy great meals with regional accents, will be provided with attentive service, and will have an opportunity to pursue old bucks that are at least 6.5 years of age and possess impressive antlers. Clients should schedule their flights into McAllen, which is approximately 40 miles southeast of the ranch.  All Las Islas trophy deer hunts are scheduled during December when the temperatures are cooling and the bucks are beginning to court does. This unique property offers a great blend of diverse and abundant wildlife, along with the other amenities that help ensure a world-class hunting experience. Trophy hunts are priced at $7,700


La Rucia Ranch


This well-known property is located in the famous South Texas brush country, approximately 30 miles south of Falfurrias.  We feel like this 18,000 acre wildlife haven has only gotten better through a feeding program and an intensive habitat program that was implemented around 2000.  The La Rucia features relatively high deer numbers and exceptional quality.  It is not uncommon for hunters to see 10-15 bucks per day, with a realistic shot at taking a 1454-160 B&C buck, there are 160+ B&C bucks harvested each year.  Housing is a beautiful 4 bedroom/3 bath hacienda with all the comforts.  Price is $7,300 on Trophy hunts and $3,950 on Classic hunts.  This package includes meals, lodging, guide, game care, and airport shuttle from McAllen on a conditional basis.  Classic hunts are for 8 & 9 pointers scoring up to 140” gross B&C.


Rocky Creek Ranch


Comprising ~ 25,000 acres, Rocky Creek Ranch has been under the same family’s control and ownership for 109 years. Until about 25 years ago it was only lightly hunted by family and friends. The ranch is hunted under strict game management and several 160-175 class whitetail bucks have been taken over the last several years. Most of the bucks harvested have been in the 120 - 160 range with the top scoring buck from the 2007/08 season grossing 183 3/8; with over nine inches of tines broken off from fighting.


As for hunting facilities, we have a nice compound with two houses, barns, cleaning shed, trailer/motor home hookups, and a walk-in cooler all for use by the guests. These facilities are on a quiet, but paved farm to market road at the entrance to the ranch. The ranch is within 17 minutes of San Angelo, Texas. There are currently several commercial airline flights that service San Angelo from Dallas/Fort Worth airport each day. Hunts are $4,500 and includes meals, lodging, guides, and game care.

Whitetail Deer Hunting

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Texas Trophy Whitetail
Trophy Whitetail Deer
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