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Wildlife Consultants, Inc. uses experience and professionalism to solve diverse wildlife and habitat management challenges. Company owners and wildlife biologists, Ruben Cantu and Greg Simons, collectively have 60 years of broad experience including extensive field work as well as entrepreneurial business and administrative expertise. Wildlife Consultants, Inc. benefits from a strong foundation built in both public and private sectors, allowing staff to successfully navigate complex natural resource issues on behalf of its clients.  Though Wildlife Consultants is a Texas-based firm, staff professionals provide wildlife related services in New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi as well as several foreign countries, including Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Staff members tailor strategies to meet individual goals, while considering variables such as cost, regulations, resource potential and limitations, as well as important intangibles that are identified through years of hands-on experience.



Wildlife Consultants exists to meet the unique needs of its clients and will consider tackling a wide range of projects, but core specialties include:


Wildlife population surveys

Harvest recommendations and population management strategies

Management plans for state sanctioned permits.

Wildlife valuation (“Ag Exemption”) plans and assistance with ad valorem taxes.

Retainer services.

Wildlife/Ranch enterprise plans.

Expert witness retainer.

Seminar, lecture, and education programs.

Real-estate appraisals based on wildlife potential.

Marketing of wildlife-based recreational programs.


Please call us at 325-655-0877 for your free, initial telephone review to discuss how Wildlife Consultants, Inc. may best serve you and meet your wildlife management needs. To get more information you can go to our Wildlife Management website at


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