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Walt Hasser

2019 Zebra H. Yturria Ranch





The Grant's zebra (Equus quagga boehmi) is the smallest subspecies of the plains zebra. The zebra lives in parts of Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The zebras are vertically striped in front. The stripes on the back legs are horizontal and diagonal on the hind flanks and rump. The stripes of these zebras are well-defined and broad. The zebras feed on the coarse grasses of the plains. Due to the ongoing civil war within the range of the Grant's zebra, these animals have experienced a dramatic decline in population. However, this subspecies

has a larger population than other subspecies of zebra. In Texas, Grant’s zebra have adapted well and are relative common on exotics ranches that raise African hoof-stock.


Wildlife Systems’ wildebeest hunts are generally set up as a 2-3 day package. We charge a daily fee which includes meals, lodging, and guide. In addition to the daily fee, our hunters pay a kill fee which is a set amount and is not dictated by the size but is simply a flat kill fee. For more details on our exotic game fees, click on this link.


Location of Hunt


Most of these hunts take place on the historic H. Yturria Ranches, located near Raymondville and McAllen, Texas. These properties are steeped deep in South Texas History. Francisco Yturria was the patriarch of the Yturria Family who was a successful businessman in both South Texas and Mexico. Along with other prominent business people from the mid-1800 era, such as Richard King and Mifflin Kennedy, Yturria amassed tremendous land-holding in the Rio Grande Valley Region of South Texas. Today, descendants of Francisco Yturria continue to operate 3 divisions of H. Yturria Ranches. The white-bearded gnu are found on the Punta del Monte Division and the La Joya Division which encompasses approximately 18,000 acres collectively. The population of zebra on these properties total over 50 animals, and we only harvest a few adult stallions each year.


Meat and Trophy Care


Though zebra meat is not one of the more popular game meats, it is edible and is considered a delicacy in some markets. As part of the package, Wildlife Systems will quarter the meat. We have a walk-in cooler, as well as limited freezer space. Zebras provide beautiful full rugs or you can have a shoulder mount and save the back skin for a tanned throw rug. You can either take the cape back with you, or we can overnight ship the frozen cape, and you’ll be invoiced for the shipping charges along with a nominal service charge for our time on boxing and shipping. We do not ship meat.


Hunting License


For those hunters who are traveling in from out of state, Wildlife Systems can take care of processing your non-resident license. The cost is $48 and is “over the counter”. You’ll simply need to fill out the Hunter Profile that we will send to you and we’ll take care of the rest.


Gear and Guns


This is a warm part of the world, but it’s best to check the local weather forecast a few days prior to your departure and to pack accordingly. In addition to your regular hunting gear, you might want to bring some sun screen and bug spray. Regarding size of gun, we recommend a minimum of a 180-grain bullet. Please stay away from high expandable bullets such as Nosler Ballistic Tips, Berger bullets, and hollow points. We recommend a bullet that will expand but hold its mass, such as a partition, A-frame, or bonded bullet.




The nearest airport is either Harlingen or McAllen, depending upon the Yturria Division you are hunting. We can provide CONDITIONAL airport shuttle from Harlingen for an additional fee. Most hunters rent a vehicle and drive to the ranch where the guide meets them at the gate. For hunters who are driving from their home, our Wildlife Systems office staff will provide directions, as well as a contact phone number for the guide.




Bill Grimm

2018 Zebra H. Yturria Ranch


Terry White

2018 Zebra H. Yturria Ranch